These days, we work long hours and there is just never enough time. Let us take care of your dog for you while you are at work or busy with other things! Drop your dog off with us for the day and we will send them home happy and tired. 

Why choose Happy Homes for your pet? Our off leash play sessions offer a unique combination of playtime with other dogs, individualized attention with our staff, and fun activities that are hand selected just for your pet. Rather than just putting your dog in a large group all day long, we will find out what he really loves and rotate his time with us among several activities tailored specifically for your dog. Our off leash playgroups are focused on fun and the well-being of your dog. We are committed to understanding group dog behavior, educating all our staff on safe and humane management techniques that use positive reinforcement. But most importantly, we are committed to providing a day of fun and individualized care to your dog when he stays with us. Your pet will be treated like one of the family. We are proud members of The Dog Gurus, the best educational resourced available on off leash dog play, and have taken their Dog Play Safety Pledge as as our commitment to keeping your dog safe. You and your dog will love  the difference in our play groups where safety and fun are the measure of success and every dog gets a program especially tailored to what he or she wants to do the most.

Before any dog is admitted into daycare, we will meet them, assess their personality and play style and make sure they will be comfortable in a daycare environment. From there, we will verify vaccines including Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella and confirm a negative fecal sample. After that, let the fun begin! 

As veterinary professionals, the safety and health of your pets are our top priority.  

Daycare is offered Monday through Friday.

Daycare FAQs

Daycare Price List

  • Full Day: $38 (7am- 6:30pm)

    • 5 day package- $180 + tax

    • 10 day package- $342 + tax

    • 20 day package- $608 + tax

  • Half Day: $28 (7am - 12:00pm) or (12:30pm - 6:30pm)

    • 5 day package- $133 + tax

    • 10 day package- $252 + tax

    • 20 day package- $448 + tax

  • 2nd dog same family: +$28/day

    • 5 day package- $140 + tax

    • 10 day package- $280 + tax

    • 20 day package- $560 + tax

  • Pre-Paid Packages

    • Non-refundable if not used by expiration date

      • 5 day package expires after 60 days

      • 10 day package expires after 60 days

      • 20 day package expires after 6 months

    • Can transfer to another dog in same family after evaluation & approval

  • Early drop off & late pick up

    • We offer drop off at 6:30am for an additional $15

    • We also offer late pick up

      • After 6:30: $25

Nap Time

We know that lots of daycares have set nap times in the middle of the day. We believe dogs should take several naps throughout the day. When it's time to take a nap, your dog will be provided with a quiet place to rest. Normally this will be a comfortable crate with bedding, water, and a stuffed kong treat for your dog. Once he's done with his kong, your dog will take a much- needed break before his next activity. We think this down time is vital to healthy dogs and helps your dog get used to learning how to relax during the day. Your do will also have down time right before going home to allow him to be calmer & more settled when he gets home.

Ala Carte Training add ons

(not available during Play Groups on Saturdays)

We recommend that if you choose one of these add ons, you schedule it for each time they are at daycare until the behavior is learned. These issues require more than one session to learn. If you would like to learn how to address these issues at home, please contact us for private lessons

  • Each session is for 20 min. This will keep your dog from getting frustrated. Short learning sessions are more effective than longer ones.

  • Each session is $20

  • Loose leash walking

  • No jumping

  • Feet handling/nail trims/grooming

Let us know if you have other particular behavior issues that you want addressed. We may be able to do as an ala carte add on or we may suggest a class or private lessons.