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Veterinary and Grooming Visits Prep Class

As veterinary professionals, we are aware of many things your dog may not like while at the vet or groomers. In this class we will teach you and your dog how to enjoy many different aspects of veterinary visits and grooming. As with the other classes, this will be taught using fear free, positive methods

What you will learn in class is:

  • How to recognize signs of fear, anxiety and stress in your dog. 
  • Feet handling for nail trims and exams
  • Brushing of teeth and coat
  • Chin rest- this is a helpful behavior to teach because it encourages cooperation from your dog during physical exams and medical procedures.
  • How to make veterinary visits FUN!!
  • How to love a muzzle. You may never know when this might be needed so training it as a behavior will make the time it might be needed much less stressful.

This class will run for 4 weeks.

Investment: $140 + tax