Environmental Exposure & Enrichment

  • This class is for puppies and dogs that are fearful or unsure about the environment around them.
  • Puppies should be exposed to all sorts of different people, objects, and surfaces. This is part of socialization. It helps them build confidence and learn how to handle new or scary situations.
  • This environmental exposure is the part that many owners either don’t know about or don’t have the time to invest in the different environmental encounters a puppy should be exposed to.
  • For the older dogs who are unsure of their environment, this will be a way for them to explore new things safely which will help them gain confidence, helping them to navigate in a scary world.
  • In this class, we will have new things each week for the dogs to be exposed to and to interact with. This may include umbrellas, strollers, skateboards/scooters, different people including those with hats, sunglasses, beards & different clothing. We will also expose them to different surfaces and noises.
  • We will not be teaching specific behaviors. This class is meant to expose them to different things they may encounter in a safe, positive, encouraging environment. There will be much less focus on playing.
  • 45 minutes
  • $15+ tax each visit. See the schedule page for current availability.
  • Pre- registration is required 2 days before the start of class. We will require proof of vaccines, negative fecal before you’re allowed to participate.