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(Reactive Dog)

Does your dog bark/grow/vocalize at other dogs while on walks or at your windows?

In this class, we will teach you what to do when your dog sees another dog.

Your dog will learn to like other dogs approaching because those dogs will now be a predictor of good things to come.

You will learn ways to help keep your dog safe and keep the behavior from getting worse.

The goal of this class is for you to have a dog that you can walk or look out your windows without any reactivity. This does not mean you dog will have dog friends. Some dogs may not be social and that’s ok.

If your dog is aggressive: lunging at people, biting, or fighting, this class is not for them. Please contact us for an evaluation, and we will determine the best way to help you. This could be private lessons with us or a referral to a certified veterinary behaviorist.  

This class is limited to 4 dogs per 6-week class.

An evaluation (included in cost of package) is required before attending class. Please call to schedule.

investment: Cost is $220 + tax